April 2022 In Review

  1. What’s Your Pronoun by Dennis Baron
  1. Turning Red
  1. Star Trek Discovery, Season 4
  • Russian Doll, Season 2
  • Star Trek Picard, Season 2
  • Heartstopper
  • Old Enough!
  1. Camp NaNoWriMo — It’s a wash: 60% of goal; 900% increase in productivity on the blog.
  2. Get Top Surgery — Done! Healing well!
  3. Read 6 Books — Failed — 17%
  4. Apply for Chicago Jobs — Success! I have several applications out there, waiting to see where the winds of the windy city take me. *cue the boo track*
  1. Finish the School Year Strong — I have to prepare my kids for a Regents, host a tenth grade film festival, attend prom, and graduation, and say goodbye to the school I gave the last four years to.
  2. Read 4 Books — Let’s pretend April didn’t happen and get back on the wagon.
  3. Keep up the Job Hunt — Obvious.
  4. Rebuild Strength — I’m cleared to start getting back in the gym for leg day in mid-may!
  • Unless that piece of shit El*n M*sk actually goes through with buying Twitter, anyway, then I guess I’ll have to revert back to the Tumblr era. Nobody wants that.



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Topher Bigelow

Topher Bigelow

(he/they) Queer, educator, city kid. Writer of words, questioner of social norms, collector of degrees, lovechild of Captain Janeway and Q